About Ajab Productions

Ajab Productions is a full service production house with studio assets.

With more than three full length features in production, Ajab is one of the biggest production studio north of Mumbai in India.

Founded by Mr Bobby Sachdeva who himself is a prolific Writer, Ajab want's to give back to the society by making Socially relevant films, Bobby wants' to create a world class environment for the best productions.

Taking time out from his full time job of being the MD Of Start Polymers, A company he built over the last two decades to a multi million dollar conglomerate in Rubber trading, Bobby makes sure the production does socially relevant projects with a positive message for the society.

Ajab produced three short films on the socially relevant issues of Child Labour, Manual Scavengers and Neglect of Elder Parents.

Ajab's full length feature Jamraud being directed by Award Winning Director Navtej Sandhu is a portrayal of strength of Human Will power.

About Ajab Studios

Located in the heart of Amritsar city, Ajab Studios is an ultra modern studio and post production facility.

It is a 100 % owned subsidiary of Ajab Productions and is used for Ajab's in house productions and is available for the industry to hire.

Ajab Studios is a 15,000 Square feet facility with a 5000 square feet shooting floor with a clear height of 30 feet and 9000 sq feet of working space for production. It has 3 green rooms with attached bathrooms, A complete dedicated area for Wardrobe team, Stores, Auditions rooms and VFX Studio with 25 stations.

With Editing and Dubbing set ups under the same roof, Ajab Studios is your one stop service provider for film production in Punjab, Ajab aims to provide all facilities to its clients and will also liaison and line produce your projects. For booking the studio please visit www.ajabproductions.com

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